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Make Money Online: No Money or Skills Challenge!

Today I’ll show you how to make money online without money and skills! This is the best method I have found so far and works every time. You only need a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and your browser. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, teenager or adult–this guide will work for you!

Oh, you’re no money and skills you say? Well, my friend, as far as I can tell you’re just the right person to be making money online. I may not know exactly what it is that makes you tick, but you can bet that your unique set of circumstances WILL give me the opportunity to make some money by helping you.

Everyone wants to earn money online. The big question is how?  I get emails every day from people offering me hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to give them my bank details so they can deposit money into my account and then wire it out. Sounds good right? I’ve never tried any of them because I know money doesn’t grow on trees, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to go from broke to making millions but in this article, I’m going to show you how you can make $200 a week without any money or skills.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, you’re in luck! The internet is full of opportunities to make money, and you don’t need any money or skills to get started. In this challenge, we’ll show you how to make money online without any investment or experience.

Making Money Online: Two Main Problems

Making money online is very hard these days. Especially with the rise of the internet and many other time-consuming activities. There are two main problems that you will run into when trying to make money online:

1. You don’t have a product to sell – This is the hardest part, and it’s what I was stuck on for years. I didn’t have any skills or any idea of how I could possibly make money online. You will get past this problem by using a method called “Affiliate Marketing”. In case you are new to the topic of affiliate marketing, be sure to check out this article first.

2. Getting an audience – This is where most people quit, but you can survive and thrive by using methods like Social Media, Blogging, and Videos. You can create content about product reviews and much more on content-sharing platforms. If you provide value, then you will definitely get you the audience.

I must add that 90% of those reading this will not implement the method consistently enough to see benefits. I request you to remain vigilant so that your hard work does not go to waste. If you put in the effort, you may earn anywhere from $100 to $500 every month online!

Getting a Product: Affiliate Programs

There is no need to worry about getting the product to sale. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there so finding products to promote won’t be hard.

Many affiliate programs will allow you to join for free, so you have nothing to lose by trying them out. There is no reason not to at least give one of these programs a try, but be careful about your decisions because once an account is made you do need to remember your login information. If you don’t like what you see then leave the group and find another one. You can make the most out of affiliate marketing and find its top secrets by knowing these amazing tips.

In this article, I will share with you some platforms where you can find affiliate programs of your need. 

The World-class Affiliate programs To Make Money Online

The World-class Affiliate program - ClickBank
ClickBank Home Page

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, but ClickBank is one of the best. ClickBank is the biggest affiliate marketplace on the globe. It has over 16 thousand products in every niche you can think of. It has a well-designed interface that makes it easy to find the things you want to sell. And once you’ve got products you like, it’s pretty easy to get them listed on your site.

ClickBank help people to sell information products through eBooks, articles, software, and much more. If you want to become an affiliate marketer, this is the program where you will want to be.

Unlike Amazon or eBay, you don’t have to worry about shipping products from your own warehouse or even processing payments. All you do is sign up as a ClickBank affiliate, pick out some products, put links on your site and possibly build a sales page (depending on what the product is) and you’re ready to make money!

However, it is also possible that ClickBank may not be available in some countries. So, we need some alternatives to continue with. One of the best alternatives that I use is CJ Affiliate. It is also a good program containing thousands of affiliate products but it is quite difficult to get approval on it. Other than that, there is also DigiStore24, which is similar to Clickbank and is available worldwide.

Awesome Alternatives Programs To Make Money Online!

If you are not satisfied with the ClickBank or CJ Affiliates, or you want to sell top-quality digital products, Warrior+Plus is for you. Warrior+Plus is a complete platform for beginners in Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing. It has an excellent track record of customer success, which you can see on its testimonials page. They even provide before and after screenshots of members’ campaigns so you can see what they are doing and exactly how much they are earning.

Warrior + Plus Homepage
Warrior + Plus Home Page

The best thing about Warrior+Plus is that it’s so easy to use! It does not matter if you have never been able to make money online before or if you have tried and failed, this will help you reach your goals! You can even use this software to promote other affiliate programs besides Warrior Plus so you’re not locked in using just one program!

Further, the company gives you everything that you need to succeed; from training videos, step-by-step walkthroughs, and live Q&A sessions with their own team of experts to help get your campaigns up and running quickly and easily.

Take It Easy with Recurring Commission!

While it’s true that you can make money using affiliate marketing, it’s not the easiest way to do it. While there are a lot of good products out there, the hard part is getting people to use your links and actually buy from you.

I have mentioned a few tools to start your affiliate marketing journey. It will make you good money selling these products.

So, what’s the catch?

Well, these products are all one-time where you will get a commission when someone buys the products, and that’s all. What if I tell you that you can get paid on a monthly or yearly basis after you promote your product from only one customer. Sounds interesting? Well, this is called recurring commission.

Recurring commissions are a great tool to have in your affiliate marketing arsenal. It can be a good way to make passive income online, but you have to find a service that offers that option.

GetResponse is one of those services. This company’s goal is to provide an easy platform for building websites and making money online. They offer email marketing, landing pages, and an affiliate program, so it’s great for beginners who want to get started with affiliate marketing.

Recurring commissions are offered on most of the products in the GetResponse store. You can even choose from different commission plans! On top of that, you can also earn recurring commissions by creating your own product or software bundle and selling it through their affiliate program. So there are lots of ways to make money through this one service!

Woohoo, you’re doing great! Next up: Traffic!

Getting an Audience: Traffic

Get Traffic - Get Money Online Challenge
Get Money Online Challenge: Traffic

You got approval from your favorite affiliate program. Now, what’s next?

The next thing is how you can make money from the product you choose. For this, you need to get an audience of targeted customers who are willing to buy your product. In simple words, you need traffic.

Making money online through affiliate marketing can be a challenge, as you must find an audience to promote products to. However, by utilizing a variety of programs and products, you can increase your chances of finding success. This next step is the more difficult one but it’s worth it! 

Consistency is key here, so just devote at least one hour a day to traffic for at least one week. If you’re looking to generate traffic for your website, you’re in luck! Quora and Reddit are two great sites that can help drive traffic your way.

The Ultimate Q&A Site on the Planet

Quora is one of the most popular Q&A websites on the internet, and it’s perfect for finding the right affiliate marketing opportunities. With over 500 million visits each month, 50% of which come from the United States, you can find the perfect audience for your affiliate products.  

At Quora, anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. This creates a Q&A site with content that is truly unique and interesting.  No topic is too obscure or taboo, so you can always find an answer to your most curious questions. The community of users at Quora is incredibly helpful and insightful, so you’re sure to get quality answers. Plus, you can follow topics and writers that interest you to get notified when they post new content.

Now, how can you make money online using such a Q&A platform? It’s easy – you just answer questions! By adding value and consistency, you’ll help people learn and make money online. Make this your habit to answer affiliate product questions every day. It’s a great way to connect with potential customers, and you can subtly drop your affiliate links into the conversation.

When it comes to questions and answers, providing real value is essential. Read about the topic of the question, and be the first to answer them! In my experience, this has been tremendously useful in getting traffic.

So why not give it a try? The results may pleasantly surprise you! 

Polish Your Practices

Question and answer (Q&A) platforms like Quora are a great way to connect with your audience and get feedback. However, if you want to make the most of these platforms, you need to make sure your practices are polished.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your questions are clear for others to understand and concise.
  • Keep your answers are clear, concise, and helpful.
  • Always respond to questions on a timely basis.
  • Be prepared to answer tough questions.
  • Be polite and respectful to your audience.

These tips will help you make the most of Q&A platforms and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

In the end, I would like to give you some advice from experts on good practices:

1- When using your affiliate links in Quora answers, it’s best to space them out and only include one link every five answers. This will help you avoid having your links seem spammy or excessive, and it will also help keep your followers engaged. 

2- It’s definitely better to have a landing page for your affiliate links, rather than just sharing them directly on Quora. You can use Blogger, which is a free blog platform by Google, to set up your landing page. 

There is another popular online forum site called Reddit, that you may want to consider using. With around one billion visitors per month, it ranks 11th in the US.  While Reddit can be a powerful tool for promoting your business, it can be difficult to use and easy to get banned from. That said, feel free to experiment (carefully) and see how you can benefit from it. 


This is an excellent opportunity for people who want to make some extra money online but don’t have any money or skills. By completing the tasks outlined in this article, you can start generating a passive income stream that will help you cover some of your basic expenses. Keep in mind that it will take time and effort to see significant results, but if you’re patient and dedicated, you will eventually see some financial returns. Good luck!

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