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10 Best AI Tools For Affiliate Marketing In 2022

Here we go. Another year of AI tools for affiliate marketing has passed and it’s time to look into the future…to 2022 to be more exact.

I have done my best to come up with the AI tools that will be most likely used by affiliate marketers in the future. Further, I have tried to predict what they’ll look like and how they’ll help you and your business.

With a little luck, this post will serve as a useful resource for the new affiliate marketing AI tools. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Jesper (Formerly Jarvis)

Jesper (Formerly Jarvis) Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Jarvis Home Page

Jesper.AI (formerly Jarvis) is a brand new AI platform that makes it easy to create AI-based content. With this, you can generate content for your website, blog, social media, or any other project you need help with. This can help you save hours every day as well.

In fact, what I like most about Jarvis is that you can create long-form content like the blog, email, stories, etc.

For more advanced uses, you can similarly use Boss Mode, where you can command Jarvis to create specific content.


Starter Plan –  Starts at $29/mo.

Boss Mode –  Starts at $59/mo.


Grammarly Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Grammarly Home Page

It is the best tool to finds all your mistakes with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocational error. It works in all browsers, as well as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. It’s free for personal use unless you want to upgrade to premium for $29 monthly or $139 yearly.

It helps to catch all kinds of mistakes that could lose you sales from your customers.


AnyTrack Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
AnyTrack Home Page

This tool provides you an opportunity to create content based on visitors’ behavior. It can track user activity and thus make necessary changes on your site for the best experience. For example, if you run an online store, it will change products based on customers’ behavior. It can even change the entire layout based on the behavior of customers.

Anytrack works great for affiliate marketers. This is because of its ability to provide a lot of value with little time and effort.


Basic (Perfect for SEO & Starting PPC) = $50 Monthly

Personal (Perfect for PPC Marketers) = $150/ Month

Advanced (Perfect for Agencies) = $300 Monthly


LeadDyno Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
LeadDyno Home Page

It is an AI-powered sales assistant. LeadDyno can help you create landing pages, build funnels. It can also optimize campaigns for more traffic and sales. It’s all in one place, so you don’t have to waste time with many apps anymore. It is also a perfect tool for building powerful funnels, landing pages, and email campaigns. Furthermore, it even provides 30 days free trial.


Starter = $49 Per Month

Biz Builder = $59 Per Month

Accelerator = $79 Per Month


Using Voluum, you can also track your visitors’ behavior on your website. You can then come up with strategies that will help make sure they become part of your list.


Discover (Start tracking your affiliate campaigns) = $69/mo billed annually

Profit (Optimize your campaigns for higher profits & lower costs) = $119/mo billed annually

Grow (Build your team & scale your advertising business) = $349/mo billed annually


Everflow Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Everflow Home Page

It is a great tool that helps with A/B testing. It allows you to test various messaging so that you can find out which one works best for your business. This way, you will be able to tweak your content according to what is working for your business right now.


Starter = $750/mo

Surfer SEO

The name says it all! This is an SEO tool that helps you perform all your tasks with ease. It has got a built-in link checker, keyword research tool, and more.


BASIC = $49/month

PRO = $99/month

BUSINESS = $199/month


ManyChat Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
ManyChat Home Page

It is an easy-to-use chatbot marketing automation tool. The best feature is for users to create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing purposes.

It also contains built-in tools to better understand your audience and boost conversions.

Manychat is one of the best Facebook Messenger marketing tools out there. This is because it is affordable and offers a lot of value for its price tag. It also offers a free plan to try out the features.


Pro = $15 / mo


Optmyzr Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Optmyzr Home Page

Optymyzr is a tool that helps you with website optimization and helps to grow your revenues. You can use this tool to optimize the images, videos, and text on your pages. This will still help you make your website more appealing to your target audience.

It can also help you create systems to change displayed information on your site. These changes happen based on the time of day and whether someone has visited before. Also, Optmyzr subscriptions start at $208/month.


Hotjar Home Page - AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Hotjar Home Page

It is a great tool for getting feedback from users of your site or app. You can also use it to gather data and feedback about which features work well and which do not work as expected. Once you have compiled all the data, you can then add changes based on user feedback. This way, you will not lose any more prospective customers in the future due to bad design decisions.

It contains a free BASIC plan to test out the features before jumping into paid plans.


Plus (More insights for small teams) = $31/ month

Business (For growing companies & websites) = $79/ month

Scale (For large companies & websites) = $311/ month


As you can see, I have selected ten A.I.-based tools for affiliate marketers. They should be, one way or another, useful in answering the needs of digital marketers. Some of them are already useful to deal with various affiliate marketing secrets.

Some of them are still in the “idea” stage and the stars will have to align for them to see the light soon.

But, I can tell that all the tools in this article received a lot of work and investment during the last couple of years. The most important thing is they are all helpful, easy to use, and will help to improve your skills.

AI Tools for beginners

There are many tools present in this article that are hard to understand for starters. So, to help you out, these are the AI Blogging tools I recommend for beginners.

AI Tool for Content Creation: Jarvis

AI Tool for Grammar: Grammarly

AI Tool for SEO: Surfer SEO

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